I Have a Confession.

I have a confession.

I’ve been hiding. 

I committed to showing up boldly for my community and instead, I’ve been hiding. 

The inner world changes I’m experiencing are happening so fast that I literally feel like I’m being riddled with wound exposing + healing bullets. It’s been intense. 

There have been so many, so fast, that I can’t even keep up. The processing is happening so quickly that I don’t even have time to process and share before another one hits me. 

To be honest, it’s left me feeling clearer than ever on my purpose, but stumbling over my thoughts and words when I attempt to share with you what’s happening.

I feel like I’ve been cracked open in a sense. And all my inner wounds are exposed. It’s been extremely painful. And yet deeply, deeply healing.  

There have been MANY tears. Some filled with fear, overwhelm, anger, rage, disappointment, resentment and others with joy,...

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I Saw A New Therapist Last Week...

I saw a new therapist last week, who is a former monk! And after 30 minutes, he told me I am a LEADER and my energies are BALANCED.

After leaving this appointment, I called my good friend and she told me I am THE MOST POWERFUL woman she knows to the point that it's almost intimidating.

Then I had lunch with my husband who also confirmed that he believes he subconciously chose me almost 14 years ago because of my POWERFUL energy.

I recently participated in a Mastermind with an amazing coach, Rebecca Ives Rubin, who also constantly told me how POWERFUL my energy was.

This all felt so validating. (Maybe it has something to do with Mars in Virgo?)

This is something I am finally fully owning - I AM POWERFUL. (And so are you.)

I love seeing other women step into and own their power as well.

That's why in my Next-Level Mastermind, the ladies who said YES to themselves are having EPIC results.

 One member just had a $43k CASH launch for her 8 week course!

 Another member...

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My Whole Life Is Getting An Upgrade...Including My Programs

Went for an evening walk/jog to burn off some excess energy and gain clarity on my next steps.

My whole life is currently receiving an upgrade. And that includes my programs too.

So I sat next to the lake to get grounded and tap into my inner knowing.

I muscle tested my questions.

Here's how I did it....

> I opened a Google Doc on my phone and wrote some Yes or No questions - one at a time.

> Then I took a deep breath, held my phone to my heart and asked my higher self the question.

> If my body leaned back, that's a NO.

> If I leaned forward, that's a YES.

Here's what I asked....

> Do I publicly promote the 4 seats open in the Next Level Mastermind? Yes

> Do I promote the 4 spots in NLM right now? Yes

> Does the cart close at the end of August? Yes

Which is why until the end of August you can join us in the Next-Level Mastermind BEFORE the price more than doubles.

So if you are ready for 6 months of WEEKLY Next-Level Coaching & Support + Trainings + Guest...

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How To Get Everything You Want!


Have you every asked this question?  How do I get everything I want??

Watch the video above to learn all the details about getting everything that you want!

My mission is to teach women to discover their true selves and to own that fully as THE only to get everything they want!

I am passionate about this because THIS has been my journey.  I had to peel back the layers and step into my power myself.  I have so many tools now and I know that when I am in my power, I can create anything!

The key here is to live your most authentic expression, in all areas!  If you are not doing work that you love, you can not be your true self.

For me, a big part of this journey of uncovering my true self was self-care and mindset.  This is not self-care, such as getting your nails done, but nurturing yourself on a mind, body and spirit level.

This is the Next Level Vibe that I will be bringing to the Next Level Mastermind!  We will be uncovering who you are AND how you...

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It's safe to step into your next level


Many of my clients and the members of Expansive Flow, myself included, are in a place of expansion and tremendous growth.  

I am hear to tell you that it is safe for you to step into your next level.  It is safe for you to rise up and to step up to the next version of yourself.

Don't be restricted by your fear.  These fears keep you small.

Shift your focus to why you are doing what you are doing.  Who are you supporting?  Instead of focusing on those fears.  Connecting to your WHY and the value that you bring to your clients, is essential for overcoming this fear.

For more details on how to support yourself and feel safe with this expansion in to the next level and how to overcome your fears that might be holding you back, watch the video above!

I would love to hear from you about how you want to step into the next level. 

Post in Expansive Flow and share with me how I can help support you in your business and rise to the next level!...

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