I Have a Confession.

I have a confession.

I’ve been hiding. 

I committed to showing up boldly for my community and instead, I’ve been hiding. 

The inner world changes I’m experiencing are happening so fast that I literally feel like I’m being riddled with wound exposing + healing bullets. It’s been intense. 

There have been so many, so fast, that I can’t even keep up. The processing is happening so quickly that I don’t even have time to process and share before another one hits me. 

To be honest, it’s left me feeling clearer than ever on my purpose, but stumbling over my thoughts and words when I attempt to share with you what’s happening.

I feel like I’ve been cracked open in a sense. And all my inner wounds are exposed. It’s been extremely painful. And yet deeply, deeply healing.  

There have been MANY tears. Some filled with fear, overwhelm, anger, rage, disappointment, resentment and others with joy,...

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