Healing the Motherhood Wound

motherhood Mar 30, 2020

I want to take a minute and speak on an issue very close to my heart - the motherhood wound.

While we made the choice to become mothers, what we did not know was the amount of micro trauma that we would endure on a daily basis. As a mother of five children, I feel my nervous system go into fight or flight a ridiculous amount of times per day. 

The daily screaming, crying, sibling quarrels, messes (soooo many messes), endless demands, emotional nurturing and energetic space holding can often be overwhelming to say the least. 

But no one talks about this. 

And most of us were not taught how to endure this nor were we provided the level of nurturing and, let’s be honest, the due diligence required to navigate the online world with our kids that we are expected to provide in today’s culture of attachment parenting and emotional intelligence. 

Which means we have our own unhealed wounds that are likely being constantly triggered on the daily. Thus...

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