Liberation from the Patriarchal Paradigm

For most of my 40 years on this planet, I was conditioned by the patriarchal paradigm of our societal conditioning. One of those core beliefs being that in order to prove your value/worthiness/deservingness, you must work your fucking ass off regardless of how tired you are and weather or not it feels good, right or aligned for you. 

This is immensely toxic masculine way of being. And it goes back GENERATIONS. 

Guess what….

You’ve been lied to. 

This is not how you create happiness, success or wealth. It’s quite the opposite. You were NOT designed or built to live this way, especially if you are a woman (hello 8000 nerve endings in the clit). 

This way of living is KILLING YOU. It’s literally making you SICK. And it’s sucking the fucking life right out of you. This is why you are overwhelmed and exhausted. You don’t have to live like this anymore.  

Your divine birthright is ease and pleasure. 

You are meant to...

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Dark Night of the Soul to Liberation

In early May 2020, it was about 4-5 weeks into U.S. quarantine and I was experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul. While my lifestyle as a homeschooler and online coach hadn’t changed much, my level of in-home support had gone from three days a week of childcare to zero basically overnight. While I understand that is a privilege to have a nanny, it’s one that our family has made tremendous sacrifice to have. 

After having five children in ten years and experiencing exhaustion beyond exhaustion and then being diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue, I promised myself that I would never do that to myself again. I would never allow myself to go unsupported again. And never be in a position where I experienced that level of depletion and exhaustion. 

During the lockdown, our nanny no longer felt safe to work with us so she left. Mind you, this was during busy season for our landscape construction company - our other business - and my husband was working long hours six...

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