Liberation from the Patriarchal Paradigm

For most of my 40 years on this planet, I was conditioned by the patriarchal paradigm of our societal conditioning. One of those core beliefs being that in order to prove your value/worthiness/deservingness, you must work your fucking ass off regardless of how tired you are and weather or not it feels good, right or aligned for you. 

This is immensely toxic masculine way of being. And it goes back GENERATIONS. 

Guess what….

You’ve been lied to. 

This is not how you create happiness, success or wealth. It’s quite the opposite. You were NOT designed or built to live this way, especially if you are a woman (hello 8000 nerve endings in the clit). 

This way of living is KILLING YOU. It’s literally making you SICK. And it’s sucking the fucking life right out of you. This is why you are overwhelmed and exhausted. You don’t have to live like this anymore.  

Your divine birthright is ease and pleasure. 

You are meant to receive, to BE - that is the feminine way. Sure we have to DO things, but in a very balanced and aligned way. It’s not meant to be forceful and hard. 

And it’s not your fault that life and biz feels so fucking hard. That’s why I am here to revolutionize that shiz. 

Lemme break it down for you. Some (or all) of this might sound familiar. Here’s the truth of how I used to do life and biz….

> I used to micromanage everyone and everything in my life and HATE them for it. 
> Overfunction and do more than my share or what I was responsible for.
> Be codependent AF. 
> I was sooooo angry 
> I would DO and work until I was exhausted and sick. 
> Then have a breakdown and do it all over again. 
> All the while beating myself up the entire time for not having better habits, doing MORE, being MORE. 
> Oh, and never allow or ask for support. (martyrdom, anyone?)

In my business, I would do everything the marketing gurus would say to do but get ZERO to minimal results. 

> I did live videos every week. 
> I blogged.
> I created a membership. 
> I created a course. 
> I posted on FB everyday. 
> I created a FB group. 
> I took courses. 

I did all.the.things. 

And all I got was frustrated and disappointed AF, leaving me feeling more life a failure and incapable of the success I knew I was determined to have. Why? - Because my energy was FUCKED. I wasn’t aligned. I was forcing myself to do those things.

If you’ve been following me for any period of time, you may know that self-care brought me back home to myself three years ago. BUT it wasn’t enough. I had to reprogram the fuck out of my subconscious mind and clear out my core wounding before it actually felt easy to do all those things. I could literally write a book on all the generational trauma I’ve cleared. I was literally in a lock-hold pattern for receiving money/clients/pleasure due to my programming. It was a damned if I do, damned if I don’t situation. In the last six months, a MASSIVE shift happened. And as soon as I cleared that, the money and clients began to flow in. And it allll feels so easy now, literally like magic!

I drew an energetic line in the sand once and for all that I refused to push through the resistance and allow life to feel hard any longer and Spirit answered my prayers. I surrendered my pain and suffering and asked to be liberated. And so it motherfucking is!

EVERYTHING is different now. 

I’m calmer and more grounded now. Not to mention way the fuck more tuned on and happier. 

My marriage is full of appreciation, unconditional love, deep connection, even deeper intimacy, passion and our sex life gets better and better every week now, even after14 years. I am more in love now than I was then.

My way of doing business is aligned, easy, fun, effortless and from a place of #clitlit pussy turn on now. 

I even mother differently. I am happy to give my time and energy to my kids knowing that I have more energy and space for them. I yell waaaaay less and I don’t take their messes as personal attacks on me (Most of the time. Sometimes they straight up piss me off.). 

Overall, I am FREE because I feel FREE.  And I truly love my life for the first time every day, every week - even when it’s challenging. 

I know that I no longer have to PROVE I am good enough or valuable or successful or even a good mom.  Fuck. That. Shit. 

When you heal the wounds of your soul, you revolutionize your life, your biz and the world. You liberate yourself and elevate your frequency. Then your transmission automatically elevates and liberates others. 

I’ve known for MANY years that this was my purpose on this planet. But it sounded fucking crazy that I could do that on any relevant scale. Now, I get it more than ever. 

According to the Native Americans, quantum physics and epigenetics, when we heal ourselves, we are healing seven generations forward and seven generations back. Every time I heal and clear out generational/past life wounding, I immediately see a difference in those around me (more about this in another post coming soon). They are transformed with me.

It’s time for you to elevate your frequency and liberate yourself from your own conditioning so you can live the life of your dreams on your terms with EASE & PLEASURE.

I know you’re ready. It’s time. 

Massive love, 

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