The Awakening

awakening sexual power Jul 17, 2020

Women are awakening everywhere. They are being called back into their power, their divine gifts. This awakening is calling for a revolution - a Soul Healing Revolution. 

It’s clearing the pain of the patriarchy that’s encumbered us for the last 6000 -12,000 years (depending on the school of thought). 

We are rising back into our divine femininity, our empowered sexuality and we are reclaiming the power that’s always been within us. 

If you haven’t already read, Pussy: A Reclamation by Regina Thomashauer, it’s a beautiful example of what was available to us during the days of the Courtisan and very similar as well to the Sexual Priestess (also called Sacred Prostitute or Temple Priestess).

The Sexual Priestess was the most powerful and revered healer of her time back in Babylonian and Mesopotamian times. 

She was symbolic of beauty and power and exuded sexuality and embodied love. 

They were said to have been such powerful healers that they were able to heal men, bring them back home to themselves and make them whole again after war. They lived in temples where men would go to be healed by the Priestess and “take the war out of the man” so they could be whole for their wives and families. To see a Priestess was an act of worship. 

They were respected. They could own their own land, earn their own money. They held tremendous power. They balanced the yin and the yang.

In fact, many women were required to go live in a temple before they were married off and learn the way of the priestess, to become healers of embodied love.

I first came across the story of the Sexual Priestess and it resonated so deeply for me that I actually wept when I read this article. The remembering was so intense. 

Women have suppressed our sexuality for so long to try to meet the patriarchal standard of the virgin. It’s impossible. It’s not who we are designed to be and it squashed and squandered our power. Our power lies within our pussies. And inside our pleasure and turn on. When we allow ourselves access to this power, everything shifts. 

The people around us shift. 
We shift. 
How easy or hard our lives are, shifts.
How much money we receive shifts. 
How we see the world shifts. 

It really brings us home to our truth. 

It doesn’t mean that we have to go and fuck a bunch of people. You can if you want but that’s not what it’s about. 

This is about saying yes to your pleasure and owning your power. 

I know that most of the women I work with have feared their power for far too long. And there are some things that I can say only from a deep knowing from within me, not because I read it in a book somewhere or because it’s documented but because I’ve seen the visions within my own subconscious mind. I’ve seen myself being burned at the stake in a past life for speaking out against injustice and being powerful. As I read this article about the sexual priestess, I had a deep deep remembering that brought up so much grief because for 40 years I haven’t known the truth of how powerful I am and am meant to be. 

I also know that there are so many other women who don’t know how powerful they are. They don’t know their truth. It saddened me. I thought about all the other women who still don’t know their truth. Who don’t know how powerful they are and that they are here to experience immense fucking pleasure and turn on. When they free themselves from the shackles of their programming and access the truth of their souls THEN they will be liberated. THEN they will be free. And their transmission will automatically liberate others. 

I want this for me. 
I want this for you. 
I want this for our men.
And our children. 

I want for men to see us in the power that we are. It’s time for us to redefine, revolutionize society the way it’s done. 

Revolutionize business.
Revolutionize relationships.
Revolutionize society. 
Revolutionize politics.

The world needs us to lead from a place of embodied love again. That love is what will save the fucking world - not the paradigm of fear. No more manipulation to control and using fear and scarcity to control but to instead lead from the original paradigm of love. 

It’s time for women to be revered again and be held in the highest regards. 

It’s time for the world to see us, hear us and experience our love, light, power, courage and healing - again. It’s time for us to awaken. To see and hear ourselves first. When we do, there will be no stopping us. And the world will be a better place. 

Because we are THAT fucking powerful. The transmission of you in your power is instantaneously healing for others. 

The article I read referenced that a Priestess in her power could move her pinky finger and a Universe is born. I want for you to wield this power once again. It’s already within you. You already have access to it.

This revolution starts with YOU. 

It’s a matter of deciding. Then cleaning off the cobwebs of limiting beliefs, reprogramming the subconscious mind and expanding the capacity of pleasure in the nervous system. Doing the work. And answering the call of your soul. 

If this resonates with you in any way, even if it triggers you (good!), then I invite you to take a look within and see what codes and transmissions are within this post that resonate deep within your very own soul and to commit to exploring those. 

If you know that you are meant for this work, this journey, then I invite you to book a call to explore what the journey back home can look like for you when we work together privately. Let’s chat to see if this work is aligned and right for you. Book your free call here. 

I see you. I’m calling you in to rise to your power and activate your soul’s awakening. 

It’s time.

I love you.

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