The Awakening

awakening sexual power Jul 17, 2020

Women are awakening everywhere. They are being called back into their power, their divine gifts. This awakening is calling for a revolution - a Soul Healing Revolution. 

It’s clearing the pain of the patriarchy that’s encumbered us for the last 6000 -12,000 years (depending on the school of thought). 

We are rising back into our divine femininity, our empowered sexuality and we are reclaiming the power that’s always been within us. 

If you haven’t already read, Pussy: A Reclamation by Regina Thomashauer, it’s a beautiful example of what was available to us during the days of the Courtisan and very similar as well to the Sexual Priestess (also called Sacred Prostitute or Temple Priestess).

The Sexual Priestess was the most powerful and revered healer of her time back in Babylonian and Mesopotamian times. 

She was symbolic of beauty and power and exuded sexuality and embodied love. 

They were said to have been such powerful...

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