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Let's be real here...

Life can feel like a rollercoaster. 

As an entrepreneurial, homeschooling mom of FIVE kids, there's not much I haven't experienced. Think toddlers urinating on the kitchen table, mud balls smeared all over the sliding door, employees not showing up for work, disgruntled customers, financial hardship, marital distress and adrenal fatigue.

Lots of deep breaths and big tears were required.

Well, I wasn't always good at the deep breath part and honestly used to respond with lots of yelling, which only made things worse. I lived in this chaos until I got sick with adrenal fatigue.

It was my rock bottom.

It wasn't until then that I was finally ready to create a different way of being. And on my journey to heal, I discovered myself - my True self. 

But you don't have to hit your rock bottom to start making changes. You can make changes NOW. 

All you have to do is say YES to your desires. 

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clear generational patterns, heal trauma and liberate yourself with subconscious reprogramming

Soul Healing Revolution

Come be a part of a movement inside the Soul Healing Revolution community for a sisterhood of like-minded revolutionaries for free trainings, support, group coaching calls and more!


Back to Center Digital

A six module digital journey for badass spiritual women to build foundational mindset + habits to get you off the roller coaster and come back home to yourself - your center. 


Private Mentoring

Rapidly transform your life with this immersive, 1:1 deep-dive approach to recode, heal and take inspired action from your next-level way of being in a space that you are deeply held and supported 24/7.  


Quantum Transformation Session

This 90 minute intensive will transform one core limiting belief to unlock a new pathway for you to create the results you desire through a blended use of subconscious reprogramming techniques and intuitive coaching. 


"Cara and I started working together 1:1 and laid out a plan to have my kids come home from private school in December and not go back in January. I actually ended up taking my girls out of school in September. Since I now had support, I felt confident doing this. In the process of working with Cara, I ended up growing my coaching practice by 28% in just 2 months of working with her WHILE transitioning into homeschooling. Cara and I connect in a way that I have never connect with a coach before. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in previous coaches. I have never wanted to work with coaches before after our first initial package. But after working with Cara, I plan to continue working with her indefinitely!"

Dr Danielle Eaton

"I was stuck when I came to Cara. I was a newly separated, mom to 4 younger kids and absolutely paralyzed that I could do anything worthwhile in my life besides feeding and hugging my kids. Cara, in her clarity, resurrected areas of awesomeness that I let die over the years. Cara’s timing is impeccable; when you work with her you’ll see. It’s like she’s got a hardwire to your brain, and the moment you’re thinking about screwing yourself over . Out of nowhere, “So are you ready to move past your money issues now, Hollie?” or some other radically clarifying question that flips your shadow self on her back and leaves her squealing. Because of her, I’ve opened up doors to flow money in through avenues I didn’t even know existed! If you want to win at this life, you want Cara in your corner."

Hollie Lynn
Creatrix + Homeschooler

"Cara helped me to see more clearly areas in which my thinking was limited and areas where I wasn't valuing my work. She helped me to see the value in what I was offering and taught me how to add more value to my existing classes and workshops. Cara also helped get me on the right track with the equipment I needed for audio and video recording my yoga classes and meditations, as well as taught me about the various programs that exist in regards to web design, email marketing, graphic design and organization tools. I was able to sell out my first pre-paid retreat by implementing techniques that I learned in our sessions together. I highly recommend working with Cara to take your business to the next level! "

Jennifer Jones-Stuart
Yoga Instructor + Homeschooler

"I was literally in tears this morning, thinking about how much I love and admire Cara. I had a coaching call on Friday and I was frazzled, scattered, totally unfocused, indecisive about what I was doing and who I was serving. By the end of our call, my energy had completely shifted. I kept feeling like I needed someone to help me with my business, which she did, but ultimately, she knew that I needed to become unstuck emotionally. There were so many limiting beliefs about who I am, my purpose, and what I'm capable of. I have been ON FIRE ever since. This was the most productive weekend that I've had since I started my business. I ran a training last night, which did not go as planned and I didn't feel like I had served anyone. Turns out, women value ME, just for who I am. They loved my realness. I had women messaging me and thanking me for coming into their lives, that I had found my calling. ME? I woke up singing and dancing. This is the first time in years that I have felt truly happy. My life and work is in alignment with who I am, which translates to every area of my life and parenting. Cara is a miracle worker. She believed in me, encouraged me to see my value, and told me to get it done! You will love her and your life needs the magic of Cara's wisdom. "

Elizabeth Klebart
Attachment Doula + Homeschooler

"The Chaos to Grace Revolution has been amazing! I started with Cara about 9 months ago, and she's offered both personal and group coaching. She's personally brought me through a transformation in how I see business and serving my community. I went from not believing that I should ever make money from my knowledge and experience, to starting a business and getting paid for my work. I still offer a significant amount of material for free, but I am no longer doing *everything* for free. Not only has she changed my view towards earning money, but through the affirmations, tutorials, and mindset work Cara offers, I've become a calmer, peaceful, more content person."

Marjorie Lang

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