Choosing Pleasure: A Path to Balance

A few weeks ago, I shared that balance is an inside jobBefore we experience the external balance of our ideal time and energy management schedule, we must first acknowledge our heart's desires. Then we must give ourselves permission to acknowledge our desires. Next the goal is to align our actions and choices with our desires. This is clearly easier said than done or we would all be living our best lives, right? But awareness is the first step. Just acknowledging that there are (likely many) places in your life that you deny yourself pleasure gets you closer to saying yes to your desires. I mean, do you even know what you really, truly want? I know I didn’t for a long, long time.

Choosing pleasure begins with something as simple as acknowledging what your body needs and then honoring it - going to bed when you are tired, going pee when you have the urge, eating when you are hungry and drinking water when you are thirsty. These seem so basic and common sense,...

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Allowing Your Desires: A Path to Balance

I had a dream recently about my birthday. And how every year, I just act like I don't really want a party because I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed.  When in actuality, I am still disappointed because my birthday felt lame or like I wasn't really celebrated.

The truth is, I have always wanted someone to throw me a surprise party. But I have never told anyone this or even believed it was possible. Again, I didn't want to be disappointed.

The last several years (read: decade), I have not been celebrated by others nor have I celebrated myself. No coincidence, right?

It’s the, “Why try?” defensive mechanism to protect my ego from that potential disappointment. You know the one that says you can't have what you want so why even try.

What might it mean if I invited my friends and family to a party to celebrate me and people I value and love didn't come?

They don't like me.
They don't love me.
I’m not important enough.

But what if they all came to...

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Living From Your Center: A Path to Balance

Homeschooling Entrepreneurial Mama, I see you.

You desperately want to create balance, manage your time better, have time for your work, self, family, homeschool, household and more.

Your looking for the exact formula, plan, schedule or blueprint to show you how.

Despite there being hundreds of people who've already written that book, taught that course, created that planner….Your still not executing, are you? You’re still struggling with prioritizing your priorities, huh? Why is that you wonder? - Simply because you aren't telling yourself the truth about what you really want. In fact, you are denying it.

It's okay. We all do it. It’s not something to be shameful about. Part of you doesn’t even know that you're allowed to tell the truth about your most authentic desires.

The balance you crave is an inside job, my love. You won't find it in the scheduling blueprint, formula, roadmap or planner.

But you can start to cultivate the balance you crave TODAY....

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Why balance isn't really about time management.

I know, I am I talking about, right? Hear me out.

Balance isn’t really about the scheduling and planning. While that is a very important piece of balance or what one perceives as balance,  it’s really about how you feel about yourself. Do you believe you are worthy and deserving of having a life you love? A life that is filled with ease and grace? Are you willing to honor what you really, really want - your soul's desires?

I can tell you all day long how I do life with homeschool and business and self-care and planning, yada, yada. But if you don’t believe that you actually deserve that peace and ease, then balance will forever stay….elusive. Because you will continually be hitting an upper limit. This is the point of flow and goodness that you, likely subconsciously, believe you deserve. And once you hit it or go beyond it, self-sabotage sets in. (For more info on upper limits, check out The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.) I know you know what...

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