Living From Your Center: A Path to Balance

Homeschooling Entrepreneurial Mama, I see you.

You desperately want to create balance, manage your time better, have time for your work, self, family, homeschool, household and more.

Your looking for the exact formula, plan, schedule or blueprint to show you how.

Despite there being hundreds of people who've already written that book, taught that course, created that planner….Your still not executing, are you? You’re still struggling with prioritizing your priorities, huh? Why is that you wonder? - Simply because you aren't telling yourself the truth about what you really want. In fact, you are denying it.

It's okay. We all do it. It’s not something to be shameful about. Part of you doesn’t even know that you're allowed to tell the truth about your most authentic desires.

The balance you crave is an inside job, my love. You won't find it in the scheduling blueprint, formula, roadmap or planner.

But you can start to cultivate the balance you crave TODAY.

It's time to uncover what’s holding you back. As you heal those wounds of unworthiness and learn to love yourself more, you will undoubtedly begin to believe that you are deserving and worthy of a life you love.

What story have you told yourself that won't allow you to experience the happiness and fulfillment  you desire? 

You’re not a good enough mom.  
You’re not thin enough.
You're not smart enough,
You're not experienced enough.
You're not the right color or gender.
You have bad judgement.
Your not good with money.  
Your irresponsible, inconsistent.

Fuck that shit. You are god damn amazing. And you have important work to do. So flip that script right on it's head and reframe it.

What else could be true?

You're whole, complete and perfect.
You're beautiful just the way you are.
You're exactly where you are supposed to be.
You're stronger than you know.
Not only can you do this but you already are.

Yes, say that out loud! Write it down. Hang it up. Set reminders and repeat it all day, every day until it becomes a part of you. Incorporate these affirmation in to your daily self-care practice.

Start with a simple daily self-care (*ahem* self-love) practice.

5 minutes of journaling.  
5 minutes of meditation.
15 minutes of movement.

Small daily habits create transformational change.  

Start today.  Choose one practice and commit to it for 30 days. Then add in another.

As you cultivate your daily practices, you will begin to live from your center. As you come back to center over and over, the choices you make in your life begin to align with your higher self and, therefore, for your highest good. Once you experience how good this makes you feel, your capacity for the yummy goodness expands. Your vibration raises. You want MORE. You make new choices that release you from old non-serving patterns.

Maybe you finally say no to the extra work that makes you feel resentful.
You say no to the things that no longer bring you joy.
You release non-serving relationships.
You stop swiping the phone to numb your feelings.

By saying no, you make space to say YES. your desires. the work that lights you up. your happiness.  

Life changes. People around you change. You become a magnet for what you want. You shine like a lighthouse. You become the beacon.  

As you stand centered, you are in your power. New people and opportunities can't help but to be drawn to you. Everything around you falls into place. You experience more ease and grace. You create balance on your terms.

Tell us in the comments what you new morning practice looks like. Or how you live from your center.

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