The Lean Back

Over the last 3 years I have been on a journey to let my life be easy which meant I had to surrender, surrender, surrender and surrender again. 

I committed to stop willing myself to do ALL the things (defined will in Human Design) and to live my life aligned and in flow. I promised to....

Stop pushing and forcing. 
Not "do" through the resistance. 
Reduce my stress. 
Not feel responsible for everyone and everything. 
Not take on all the emotional labor in my family. 
Release martyrdom. 
Release codependency. 

Because operating from the place of "I have to do XYZ." actually stems from scarcity and lack. 

The internal stories of...

"If I don't do it, no one will." is your ego trying to prove you are superior or good enough because you subconsciously don't believe you are good enough. 

"Let me just do it for you." is actually you trying to feel like you have value so that you can be loved/have significance. Because without proving your value, your subconscious feels that you aren't actually worthy of love. 

"I need to constantly be productive." is actually a toxic AF paradigm to prove your value, deservingness and worthiness. Because if you aren't productive you are lazy and undeserving of money, love & belonging. 

These old toxic paradigms only lead to burnout, disconnection and unfulfillment. They are no longer acceptable in New Earth so they had to go. 

And this year, I shifted the fucking paradigm. 🙌

I have done LESS than ever before. I made room for others to do for me and do on their own than ever before.

In fact, I’ve done so much less that it even triggered my husband into telling me that he didn’t feel I was spending my time wisely. HA! This paradigm shift WILL trigger the fuck out of people. And that’s okay. Honestly, I wasn’t even mad, because I actually felt the same way. BUT while not doing the traditional business action items, I still managed to have my highest income month so far for 2020. What I did do is ALIGN MY ENERGY to what I am being called to do from a soul level, not from the ego. 

That meant that I had to first surrender my attachments to my old ways of being. And then heal the deepest of deep core wounds. Do the unsexy work. Diving into the depths of my shadow. Dismantling the ways of being that have been passed down through GENERATIONS - martyrdom, workaholic, etc.  

In doing less, I have actually accomplished so much more. 

>>> I've healed deep AF inner wounds like...

  • I'm not good enough. 
  • I'm not wanted. 
  • I'm a failure. 
  • Sexual shame.

>>> I've consistently worked out for four months straight with ease while toning my body, reducing cellulite and releasing eight pounds (so far). 

>>> I've uncovered my true sexuality and liberated myself - allowing me to feel more free than I’ve ever experienced. 

>>> I’ve deepened the intimacy, connection and vulnerability in my marriage. 

>>> I’ve raised my credit score by close to 100 points. 

>>> I learned how to surrender to spirit and be guided and then surrender some more. Haha. 

>>> I taught/allowed my children to be more independent. 

>>> I learned to trust myself, others and God.  

While I have created more ease, it wasn't always easy to be in “the lean back”. It triggered those around me. And I felt guilty at times and had to work through that shit. I’ve had to be conscious of what’s coming up and willing to work through it at a subconscious level. 

But it’s all been so fucking worth it and I am here for so much more effortless ease and flow.

I am no longer available for the old paradigm of pushing and hustling our asses off only to never feeling whole or enough no matter how much we do. FUCK.THAT.SHIT.

I am here to liberate myself with the New Earth paradigm of a higher consciousness where ease & pleasure is the status quo.

Journal Prompts
What paradigm are you recalibrating to? What are you now available for? What are you letting go of to create your liberation? 

Declare it inside of the Soul Healing Revolution community here!

Say It With Me
Ease and pleasure is my divine birthright. 

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