The Truth About Motherhood & Success (Part 2 of 4)

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2019

Wow, when I initially wrote this, I had no idea what the next week had in store. I literally got to walk my talk this past week with the healing work I did. As you read this, my intention is that you absorb every lesson on a cellular level. May you find true healing and peace. The world needs you in your purpose and power. 

 The Healing

The world needs you - all of us women as a collective, to wake up and come home to ourselves - to yourself.

It’s our responsibility.  It’s our purpose to break the cycle of our mothers, our grandmothers and our grandmother’s mothers.  

Healing is no easy task. It can be painful. It requires tenacity, forgiveness, and radical responsibility.  

At times, it will feel like you are going against everything you’ve been taught - everything you are. Other times it will feel like you haven’t made any progress at all and like you are just like them. Sometimes you will be all of those things.

You will be judged by your mother, grandmother, father, etc. But you are capable of forging a new path.  You are capable of healing your wounds, your mother’s wounds, and your grandmother's wounds. Seven generations of wounds before you and after you. You GET to heal for your daughter’s daughters and their daughter’s daughters.  

It starts with you saying YES to your desires - yes to your pleasure - and believing that you are fucking deserving and worthy of the life you want. And know it's your birthright.  

Healing will set you free and open up a whole new world.  Annnnd….you will hit your upper limits of the amount of good you subconsciously believe you get to have. Then you GET to expand beyond those limits knowing that even when you trip up and self sabotage - because you will, we all do - that you still deserve to be forgiven and what you are here to do is still possible for you.  

You still get to love yourself through it all - despite knowing that you have hurt others, dishonored them and yourself, knowing that you’ve violated your boundaries and the boundaries of others and went against your values.  You can still choose to love yourself anyway. Even when you fucked it up, you are still able to love and accept yourself fully. You are still a good person. Your mistakes don’t define you. Your past doesn’t define you. Healing is about understanding that every mistake, every failure, every fuck up is an opportunity for growth - to learn and move forward from. 

That opportunity for growth is learning to reprogram your subconscious mind.  It’s creating a new identity for yourself and continuing to step into her every single day - over and over and over again.  It means unleashing your potential, your power and doing it in healthy ways so it serves you, your family, your clients, your business, your customers and the world.  Because you are so fucking powerful.  

Here is how you can begin to create that new identity for yourself.  

Step 1

Get clear on what you desire to have. What's your desired outcome or goal?

Step 2

Ask yourself….

If I already knew I had (insert your desired outcome), who would I be?

What characteristics would you embody?  

What thoughts would you be thinking? 

What beliefs would you have?  

For example: you would be committed, radically responsible, worthy and deserving of the life you desire.  

Then imagine as though you already athe ways that you desire to be. Write it down.

(Note: you will want to make sure that you have framed these in a positive, present tense.)

Step 3

Next, ask yourself... 

If I already knew that I had (insert desired outcome), what would you do?  

What actions would you take? Make a list of those actions.  

Step 4

Lastly, ask yourself…. 

If I already knew that I had (insert desired outcome), how would I feel?  

Feel this in your body now, as you step into your next level version of yourself.  Would you be feeling overjoyed, confident and badass? Grateful and blessed beyond what you could have ever imagined?  

Practice getting into this feeling state every single day,  even twice a day. You will literally quantum leap into the person you desire because as you reprogram your identity, you are aligning yourself to be an energetic match with your future self and you are doing it in the present.   

This is just one powerful step towards healing.  Don’t ever forget what’s possible for you. Allow the support.  Believe, know and trust that being worthy and deserving of pleasure is your mother fucking birthright.    

You got this.  I love you.

XO - Cara

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