Build a foundational mindset
+ daily practices and habits
that support you as you step
into your purpose and power. 

I'M IN! Gimme the 1-Payment Option I'M IN! Gimme the 4-Payment Option.

To my fellow leaders, visionaries and change-makers, 

Some days, you secretly want to run away and hide in a cave but you love your kids and husband too damn much.

The demands on your time are endless. 

It all feels impossible and soooo HARD. 

You find yourself desperately asking: 
"How the hell am I supposed to build a multi-six figure business with no time or energy?"

I get it. I’ve been there. I've been YOU. 

Here’s the deal.

It's time to get really clear on what really lights you the fuck up.

Then craft a plan to create more space for you EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

You’re new motto --> #mefirst.

That might feel uncomfortable right now but you can say adios to that bullshit guilt right now.

You are headed to the deepest levels of deserving, self-love and worthiness. 

Mama, you are worthy just because you are.

Next, you will simplify the shit out of your life. (Can you say boundaries?)

All the juggling and balancing is so unnecessary.

Together, we are going to walk through that mile long To-Do list and decide what to delete, delegate and automate. (Can I get a "HELL YEAH!)

Every day now feels so light, aligned and in flow.

You never knew it could feel so easy.

Oh, there's more....

The ripples from this experience revolutionize the relationships with your kids, your partner, your business and most of all with yourself.

No more anger and resentment. 

When you take radical responsibility for your life, you no longer need to blame anyone else.

Now, you are in your power. 

I'M IN! Gimme the 1-Payment Option. I'M IN! Gimme the 4-Payment Option.

Picture yourself six months from now…..

You wake up naturally without an alarm and one (or two) of your kids are one side, your hubby on the other.

You roll to your back with palms up and meditate right there in your snuggly warm bed.

When your done, you swipe open your phone to your Google Docs for your daily, soul bearing journaling session where you get to connect with your highest self.

After that you slide out of bed and find your yoga mat in your favorite spot in the living room next to your Buddha for a quick 15 minute invigorating, yet grounding practice.

As your children stumble out of their rooms, they meet you on your mat where you happily greet them with hugs, kisses and morning snuggles. Then you finish up your yoga practice and it's time for breakfast.

And guess what.......

None of this requires your willpower, it's now a habit.

I'M IN! Gimme the 1-Payment Option. I'M IN! Gimme the 4-Payment Option.

"When I started B2C, I was so all over the place mentally and emotionally. I really liked the calm, simple approach to getting focused on where I was and where I wanted to be. This really grounded me and provided the platform to get some really solid footing before starting to dig in and expand. My favorite part, by far, is the group coaching. Listening to the other group members going through, or having gone through, the same things I was in the middle of was so reassuring. I also appreciated the space Cara provided. Not only in the coaching, which is nurturing, but also the expectations of the when and how the material was consumed and digested. I never felt pressured or 'wrong' when I wasn't 'keeping up' with the material or feeling stuck in a certain place. She always helped me honor my own pace and preferences. No rush. No judgement. The space was healing."

Sara Robinson
Empowerment Coach

Hi, I'm Cara Mendez....

I'm a truth-telling, badass homeschooling mom of FIVE gorgeous kids, devoted wife and Intuitive Success Coach & Quantum Soul Healer for leaders, visionaries and change-makers ready to step into their soul purpose and fully harnessed power.

For over a decade, I put my entrepreneurial dreams on the back burner to raise and homeschool our five children while co-owning a local landscape construction company with my husband.

I literally gave everything I had to everyone else, leaving myself completely exhausted and burnt out with adrenal fatigue.

I wondered if I could handle my life anymore.

I didn’t want to give up the life I had but I knew I had to BE different in order to DO it differently. I was no longer available for the chaos.

I realized I had to release my perfectionism and live from my authentic truth. 
It was time for me to embrace my divine gifts and share them with the world with confidence. And do it while offering my children a rich education.

But it could only happen if I could do it all in a way that felt easy, fun and graceful.

So I found a way.

I overhauled my mindset and my habits + practices, then went after my dreams. Everything began to click into place as I continued to show up and do my work. Now I experience sooo much more pleasure in my life than EVER before!

And I know it’s possible for you too. That's why I created THIS program.  

All you have to do is say YES to your desires.

"Cara and her programs have given me so much clarity on how to align my actions with my values. And made taking action easier. I finally know what my next offer is going to be and I'm so excited!"

Elizabeth Klebart


Determine what your true desires are at a soul level.

Identify and clear limiting beliefs and old stories. 

Craft and implement your own daily self-care practice. 

Discover how to receive and allow pleasure more fully.

Identify and remove the current energy drains in your life to expand your bandwidth.

Identify what's essential in your life then delete, delegate or automate.

6 trainings of no longer accessible membership content is included for free! Everything from Time Bending to Sales Pages and so much more!

"After my first call with Cara I was blown away! I can still feel the energy I felt from that call. She knocked me to the floor, opened my eyes and hugged me all at once. I now feel more ease than I have felt in a very long time. "

Natalie King Wilson DC


>>> 6 Training Modules to create the new habits + mindset that your next-level self.

>>> 6 Previously recorded 2-hour Group Coaching calls from the live round. 

>>> Weekly Worksheets & Exercises to allow you to dig deep and maintain your progress.

>>> Resources to support you as you integrate your new practices

>>> Members Only Facebook Group to connect with your fellow sisters and share your wins, ask for support and receive guidance in between calls.

>>> 6 modules of Bonus Content including Time Bending, Building Community, Sales Page Mastery, Growing Your Biz with FB Groups and so much more. 

"Cara and I started working together 1:1 and laid out a 5 month plan to have my kids come home. I actually ended up taking my girls out the very next month. Since I had her support, I felt confident doing this. In the process of working with Cara, I ended up six timing my coaching practice over the last two years WHILE transitioning into homeschooling, moving to a new town, having a new baby and building a new home. Cara and I connect in a way that I have never connect with a coach before. I've invested 10’s of thousands of dollars in previous coaches and have never wanted to continue working with them after our first initial package. However, with Cara, I plan to continue working with her indefinitely. So you should definitely join her program! "

Danielle Eaton



>>> You know you are here for more but can't seem to get out of your own way to fulfill your soul's purpose. 

>>> You seek balance between work and family.

>>> You are willing to do the mindset work AND take the inspired actions to create the life you desire!

>>> You feel burnt out and are on the verge of giving up.

>>> You are tired of spinning your wheels on your business and not getting the results you want.

>>> You want to build a business but aren't sure you are capable.


"Cara's Back to Center program has been amazing. She's personally brought me through a transformation in how I see business and serving my community. I went from not believing that I should ever make money from my knowledge and experience, to starting a business and getting paid for my work. I still offer a significant amount of material for free, but I am no longer doing everything for free. Not only has she changed my view towards earning money, but through the affirmations, tutorials, and mindset work Cara offers, I've become a calmer, peaceful, more content person."

Marjorie Lang


How much time will this require?

A: This is a DIY program so you can go at your own pace and take as much time as you like. I will say that it's up to you to make space for what is important to you. Everything taught in this program is designed to simplify your life and create MORE time and space for the things that matter most. So the return on the initial time investment is well worth it.

What if I sign up and don’t use it?

A: First, I would encourage you to reach out for accountability support. Ask yourself why this work is important to you. Perhaps there is a limiting belief to work through.  But if it’s still not the right time, then know that you have lifetime access to the course and can work through it at your own pace.

How much support will I actually get?

A: As much as you need. You can reach out in the FB group at anytime. If you need next level support, then 1:1 sessions are available to you as an upgrade.

How will this help my business grow?

A: Oh, my….in all the ways! The root of this program is self-love and self-worth. When you love yourself and believe you are worthy, everything changes. It enables you to get into inspired action and create the amazing success that you deserve. Additionally, we are learning the mindset that allows the strategy to work. And we to develop our self-care to make this lifestyle sustainable. This is a holistic program, and just like life - it's all interconnected. You're business in an extension of you.

Q: How do I justify investing in myself like this? It feels selfish when I have so many other things to do.

A: This comes down to commitment. How committed are you to your goals or to eliminating the current suffering you are experiencing? What would feeling more centered, calm and easeful mean to you or your family? Then ask yourself if you can afford to NOT to invest in yourself. 

Q: What if I feel like I’m not a good enough mother or wife and I need to focus my energy there first before I can invest in myself or my business?

A: I get that. Been there. So I would ask you if you think shifting your mindset, developing a self-care practice and ultimately cultivating more self-love would make you a more loving, patience, present, engaged mother and/or wife? Because at the root of what we do in Back to Center is develop our self-worth and self-love which allows us to live a more ease-filled and graceful life.  

I'M IN! Gimme the 1-Payment Option.
I'M IN! Gimme the 4-Payment Option.

"Cara is a truth teller; she has an amazing ability to get you to spill your guts (in the best of ways! ). She has helped me make more inner work progress in a few months than I had made in years. She simultaneously helps you face your own hang ups, create a plan for change and reminds you of how amazing you are. With her mentorship, I feel more empowered than ever, to take my business to the next level, all while being happy in my own skin."

Amber Hellewell

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