The Truth About Motherhood & Success Series (Part 1 of 4)

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019

Okay, I'm about to get real and raw with you. As a mom of five kids that I homeschool, I've been through a fucking LOT. This 4-part series will share The Reality, The Healing, The Purpose and The Power that is the journey for soooo many of us moms and how it looks when it comes to success - whatever that looks like for you. Enjoy!

The Reality

The reality is that motherhood is hard AF and our greatest opportunity. 

Having kids pushes you to be the best version of yourself. Motherhood shines a huge spotlight on all your wounds and triggers to be healed. Which requires facing all of your limiting beliefs and stories about yourself, the world and even your own kids.

Healing means facing our deepest, darkest secrets and fears. It means wading through the shit storm of unresolved feelings, emotions and wounds and trying not to imprint those things on our children. Then living with the guilt, knowing that we are imprinting them (aka “fucking them up”), even if it’s in the smallest way despite desperately trying not to. 

We desperately strive to be the BEST - the best mother, wife/partner, employee/entrepreneur, sister, daughter. Only to feel as though we are failing at everything. Feeling completely overwhelmed and lost. Not knowing who we are as we wade tits deep in sleepless nights, shitty diapers, milk-soaked nursing tanks and sore nipples. 

We are left feeling vulnerable and fearful but still having to get up and feed our children, keep them dressed, go to work and attempt to have some resemblance of intimacy with your partner. All while feeling like an empty shell of a woman. Bouncing back and forth between “Okay! I can do this shit” to “What the fuck was I thinking?” over and over again. 

You push on despite depletion and exhaustion because you have to wake up to care for a sick child in the middle of the night. As you care for one child, nurse another, make a meal and clean piss-soaked sheets. - It’s overwhelming. But the biggest problem is that we believe that we have to do it all alone. That it’s not safe to ask for help. That it would mean we are less than if we receive any type of support. 

Instead, we end up over functioning for our children, partners, friends, and family while we burn ourselves out. We do this until maybe one day the fog lifts. We stop having children and the physical demands become less. Or until we make ourselves sick. We have to do something different. 

Perhaps there’s a small segment of women that don’t go through this (I personally don't know of any.) Maybe there mothers broke the cycle before them. But for the rest of us, it’s our calling to break the cycle and to come back home to ourselves and heal. 

Because when we stay stuck in being under resourced with the belief that we have to do it all alone, we don’t create the space to honor who we really are, what we desire and what we are here on this planet to do. THAT serves no one. 

It’s not just our job to wash dishes, clean laundry, wipe asses, rinse and repeat. No - we have to nurture ourselves and heal the little girl inside that is craving the love she never got, see her for who she really is and allow her desires to be heard. 

Are you ready to heal? 

Stay tuned for part 2 in this 4 part series where we discuss the healing. Or if you are ready to get your healing journey started like yesterday, I currently have two ways we can work together - my Purpose + Power Private Mentoring and my Next-Level Mastermind. Message me on Facebook or Instagram to talk more.  

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