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Discover how to balance your beautiful, messy life on your terms?
Become more visible to your ideal customer in a way that feels good to you?
Create more time and space for the things that matter most to you?
Tap into your intuition and the energy of the Universe to manifest your goals with ease?
Nourish yourself regularly (guilt free)?
Surround yourself with a supportive circle of like-minded women?
Access monthly trainings that include practical tools + strategies for mindset, self care, business and spirituality?

The time is now. You are invited to come home to the HOM Collective.

Created just for you.

the homeschool entrepreneur


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My Story

After a decade of birthing and nurturing five children while running a business (sometimes two), plus five of those years homeschooling on top of that with zero self-care left me exhausted and wondering if I could handle my life anymore.

Being depleted beyond depletion, I was determined to heal myself. Turns out it started from the inside out. I had to do life differently. So I did. I knew I wasn't the only one.
I was no longer willing to live that chaotic, perfectionistic, settle-for-less life. No, I was ready to embrace my calling and true purpose. I was ready to let my light shine. And unleash my gifts into the world with confidence and certainty that I have what it takes. And do it while offering my children a rich education that met them where they are. But I wanted to do it all in a way that felt easy, fun and graceful.

And I want you to have the same thing too. I know it’s possible. I would be honored to walk this journey with you


Homeschooling is just one calling. You can still answer the calling of your entrepreneurial spirit too. When you honor your desires, you become whole. This is the path to creating the life and business of your dreams. But first you have to learn to say YES to your desires. Inside of HOM Collective, we build this muscle each and every day by discovering what it is that we truly want and learning how to receive what we want through mindset work and self-care. Allowing your desires leads to pleasure and is the first step to creating abundance.

The Deets

Each month you can participate live or watch the recordings. This style of content delivery allows for healthy info digestion and go at your own pace integration.

Growth requires tools. That's why each month a new affirmation and weekly journal promots will be delivered to enhance the monthly theme. 

Fun, in-depth training delivered live each month covering the must-know, real talk on manifesting, self-care, business strategy, motherhood, planning and more.

Got a question, ask away and always be supported. It's a LIVE group coaching session every month. Don't worry if you miss it live, the recording will posted in the members area for anytime viewing.

Get into aligned action with these step-by-step tutorials delivered monthly on the strategies, practices and habits to simplify and get you in the flow with your business and life. 

Sometimes we just need a jump start to get us moving in the right direction.  Periodically, a bonus piece of content will be added to the membership to further you along on your homeschool boss mom journey. 

Diving deeper into any of the material is just at your fingertips. Want to grab the book or read the article that was mentioned in the Masterclass they will all be linked up for your convenience inside the members area.  

"I cannot say enough about Cara and the HOM Collective. This is my second month as a member and I honestly feel that Cara puts her heart and soul into helping homeschooling moms live and work their dream. The work and lessons she provides each month are so relevant and just the amount of "work" I need to keep me on track and help me feel supported without feeling overwhelmed. I love the Facebook group for members where Cara is very attentive to our questions, offering advice, suggestions and encouragement to take inspired action. It is like having a great friend and business coach all in one. I highly recommend the HOM Collective to any homeschooling boss moms out there."

Julie Alvarez Vaccaro
Homeschooler + Mindfulness Teacher for Kids at Mindful Peaceful Moments

"Being a part of the HOM Collective is amazing. I love how Cara figures out what we need and I don't have to put together any of my affirmations or journaling prompts. The energy of the group is so positive and it is a trusted community of women. I feel safe opening up and releasing my fears or anything that is happening in my personal life or business. It's really the only form of therapy/personal coaching that I have in my life and it has had a huge effect on my well-being."

Elizabeth Klebart
Homeschooler + Attachment Doula at The Attached Caregiver

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$47 Monthly $99 Quarterly









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